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The Online Bill Payment System is currently down. Bill payments can be made in person at the EBCI Finance Office or over the phone by calling the EBCI Revenue Office at 828.359.6000, option 1. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Payment Information & Description of Services

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians provides a variety of services to enrolled members of the tribe, their families and residents of the Qualla Boundary and surrounding areas. Each of the Tribal Programs offering services to the public is responsible for the development and enforcement of policies and procedures related to delivery of those services. Charges for services are reported to the Office of Budget & Finance directly from the program and are billed accordingly.

Return/Refund Policy
Returns and Refunds are at the direction of the EBCI Tribal Program providing the service. In general, because the EBCI provides services and not goods, returns are not permitted. Refunds or credits are applied at the direction of EBCI Tribal programs providing the service.

Delivery Policy
Delivery of services is provided under the policies and procedures of the EBCI Tribal program providing the service and will vary from service to service.

Tribal Assets Auction
The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians is now utilizing to auction Tribal Assets. Please use the following link to view, and bid on currently available items. To bid you will need to build a free account.

Customer Data Privacy Policy
The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI) respects your right to privacy. The following information explains the Internet Privacy Policy adopted by the EBCI for its website (including all sub-domains within the website). This information is intended to explain our current Internet privacy practices, but shall not be construed as a contractual promise, and nothing in this policy shall be construed as a waiver of sovereign immunity. The EBCI reserves the right to amend our Internet Privacy Policy statement at any time without notice.

It is the practice of EBCI to comply with all applicable privacy and data protection laws. This commitment reflects the value we place on earning and keeping the trust of our members, employees, vendors and others who share their personal information with us. As used in the policy, the term “personal information” means information that identifies you personally, alone or in combination with other information available to us.

By using the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Website or providing personal information to us, you are consenting to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information as described in this policy and any other applicable website privacy statements. If you do not consent to the collection use and disclosure of your personal information as described in this policy, do not use the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Website.

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Website may collect the following personal information:

Routing or client information: Internet domain and Internet address of the computer you are using.

Essential technical information: The browser used by visitors to our website and identification of the page or service you are requesting.

Non-essential technical information: The Internet address of the website from which you linked directly to our website.

Optional information: Information you provide by sending us an email or completing an on-line form.

Cookies: The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians website may use cookies (small text files transferred from our website to your hard drive) to facilitate your access to and use of our site. Cookies do not damage files or allow anyone to access your personally identifiable information – they simply allow us to tailor information and make your visits more efficient and enjoyable.

Information collected helps us respond to your request in an appropriate format and helps us plan website improvements. No other information is collected through our website except when someone deliberately decides to send it to us. Our website may contain links to other public or private entities’ websites, whose privacy practices we do not control.

There is no legal requirement for you to provide any information at our website. However, our website will not work without routing information and the essential technical information. Failure of your browser to provide nonessential technical information will not prevent your use of our website, but may prevent certain features from working. Failure to provide optional information will mean that the particular feature or service associated with that part of the web page will not be available to you.

EBCI Permanent Address & Customer Service Contact

Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians
88 Council House Loop | Post Office Box 455
Cherokee, North Carolina 28719 (USA)

Customer Service Contact: 828.359.7000

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