Would you like to become a valued member of a team that is committed to meeting the needs of our people? If so, please consider a career with the EBCI. We value diversity and seek to provide our team members with long-term careers that are much more than just a ‘job’.  Working with the EBCI gives you the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of people in our Tribal communities. Join our team to help preserve Cherokee’s cultural legacy!

EBCI has one of the best benefits packages in the region.

Our comprehensive employee benefits package includes:
Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Life Insurance, Short-Term/Long-Term Disability Insurance, Employer-Matched 401(k) Retirement Plan, EBCI-Defined Benefit Pension Plan (vested after 10 years), Annual/Sick Leave Accrual, Paid Holidays.

Open positions.

If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact Mark Junaluska, Kevin Primo, or Cayla Cucumber at the contact information listed below.

When you submit an application, a green check mark will appear in the upper left-hand corner letting you know the application was received.  If the application has not been submitted, a red X will appear in the upper left-hand corner, which will indicate that the application was not received.   Some sections require that information be submitted before you will be allowed to proceed to the next section as indicated by an asterisk (*).   

If you are unable to attach files, please email them or deliver them to our main offices located at 806 Acquoni Road Suite 100.  If you are unable to submit the application, contact us as soon as possible.  If you encounter an issue during the weekend, we advise that you immediately send Employment Department personnel an email detailing the issue you have encountered.  ALL positions will close at 11:59 pm on the closing date.  Please review job descriptions carefully.  Most positions require strict adherence to the job description qualifications unless indicated otherwise.  Please be advised that all Law Enforcement applicants must be at least 21 years of age when applying.  Additionally, if the Job Description states ‘required’ or ‘must have’, you must have the experience or licensures, certificates, diplomas, etc. at the time you are applying or you will not be considered qualified for the position.  You may email or deliver the documents to the HR Suite location listed above if you are unable to attach them to the application.

ATTENTION!               ATTENTION!                 ATTENTION!

Please be advised that all positions designated as ‘Safety Sensitive’ are subject to a higher degree of scrutiny and include THC Metabolites in the drug panel as a disqualifier.

A safety sensitive position is one where the employee is responsible for his/her own safety or other people’s safety. It requires a sharp mind to perform the job safely and responsibly.  Some safety sensitive positions require random drug-screening to ensure compliance with DOT and other safety regulations as well as other certification requirements.  If an applicant fails a pre-employment drug screen, they will not be allowed to re-apply with the EBCI for at least 60 days.

Open Until Filled

  1. Detention Officer (Multiple): Detention Services – Public Safety (L7 $33,250 - $41,574) SAFETY SENSITIVE POSITIONdownload pdf Apply
  2. PT Paramedic (Multiple): Emergency Medical Services – Public Safety (L8 $17.55 - $21.94 per hour) SAFETY SENSITIVE POSITIONdownload pdf Apply
  3. Youth Development Professional: Cherokee Youth Center – Community Education & Recreation Services (L4 $25,261 - $31,581)download pdf Apply
  4. Certified Nursing Assistant: Tribal In-Home Care Services – PHHS (L4 $25,261 - $31,581)download pdf Apply
  5. Driver (Multiple): Transit – Operations (L4 $25,261 - $31,581) SAFETY SENSITIVE POSITIONdownload pdf Apply
  6. Teacher (Multiple): Qualla Boundary Head Start & Early Head Start – PHHS (L7 $33,250 - $41,574)download pdf Apply
  7. Real Estate Associate Attorney: Tribal Realty Services – Office of the Attorney General (L15 $68,704 - $85,886)download pdf Apply
  8. Social Worker (Multiple): Family Safety Program – PHHS (L10 $43,956 - $54,950)download pdf Apply
  9. Legislative Financial Director: Tribal Council (L21 $116,354 - $145,421)download pdf Apply
  10. Tribal Prosecutor II: Criminal Law Department – Office of the Attorney General (L18 $89,580 - $110,970)download pdf Apply
  11. Arts & Crafts Instructor: Cherokee Youth Center - Department of Education (L3 $22,990 - $28,732)download pdf Apply
  12. Electrician Helper – Qualla Housing Services – Housing (L4 $25,261 - $31,581)download pdf Apply
  13. Watershed Coordinator – Natural Resources – Agriculture and Natural Resources (L9 $40,105 - $50,121)download pdf Apply
  14. Carpenter (Multiple) – Qualla Housing Services – Housing (L7 $33,250 - $41,574)download pdf Apply
  15. Carpenter Helper (Multiple) – Qualla Housing Services – Housing (L4 $25,261 - $31,581)download pdf Apply
  16. Maintenance Utility (Multiple) – Qualla Housing Services – Housing (L4 $25,261 - $31,581)download pdf Apply
  17. Utility Worker/Operator Assistant – Qualla Housing Services – Housing (L6 $30,357 - $37,946) SAFETY SENSITIVE POSITIONdownload pdf Apply
  18. Education Program Specialist: Tribal Education / Department of Education (L9 $40,105 - $50,121)download pdf Apply

Closing Sunday October 2, 2022

  1. Family Social Worker: Qualla Boundary Head Start – Early Head Start / PHHS (L10 $43,956 - $54,950)download pdf Apply
  2. Teacher Assistant: Qualla Boundary Head Start – Early Head Start / PHHS (L4 $25,261 - $31,581)download pdf Apply
  3. Family Safety Manager: Family Safety Program / PHHS (L15 $68,704 - $85,886)download pdf Apply
  4. Remember the Removal Bike Ride Group Fitness Coordinator: Cherokee Choices / PHHS (L8 $36,500 - $45,625)download pdf Apply
  5. Library Assistant: Qualla Boundary Public Library / Department of Education (L5 $27,642 - $34,541)download pdf Apply
  6. Head Cook: Snowbird Sr. Citizens / SB CC Services (L5 $27,642 - $34,541)download pdf Apply
  7. GIS Lands Records Technician: Geographic Information System (GIS) / Realty (L8 $36,500 - $45,625)download pdf Apply
  8. Deputy Clerk: Tribal Court / Judicial Branch (L6 $30,357 - $37,946)download pdf Apply
  9. Mother Town Assistant Supervisor: TERO / Independent (L7 $33,250 - $41,574)download pdf Apply
  10. Housekeeper: SB CC Housekeeping / SB CC Services (L3 $22,990 - $28,732)download pdf Apply
  11. Family Safety Grants Coordinator: Family Safety Program / PHHS (L7 $33,250 - $41,574)download pdf Apply

Indian preference does apply, and an online job application must be submitted for each position applied for.

Human Resources Contacts.

Employee Rights
The Human Resources Department of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians is dedicated to providing support while maintaining integrity through teamwork, respect and equal application of policies and procedures in order to attract and retain a diverse workforce.