Use the links below to contact Division Secretaries and access services for each program.

Division of Operations

Jeremy Hyatt
Secretary of Operations
Office: 828-359-6529

Division of Agriculture & Natural Resources

Joey Owle
Secretary of Agriculture and Farming
Office: 828-359-6260

Division of Commerce

Christopher McCoy
Secretary of Commerce
Office: 828-359-7018

Division of Education

Yona Wade
Secretary of Education
Office: 828-359-6660

Division of Housing

Edwin Taylor
Secretary of Housing
Office: 828-359-6902

Division of Human Resources

Sarah Teesateskie
Secretary of Human Resources
Office: 828-359-6388

Division of Public Health & Human Services

Vickie Bradley
Secretary of Health and Human Services
Office: 828-359-6189

Division of Snowbird & Cherokee County Services

Dale Robinson Jr.
Director of Snowbird & Cherokee County
Office: 828-346-6993

Division of Treasury

Cory Blankenship
Secretary of Treasury
Office: 828-359-6001

Office of the Attorney General

Michael McConnell
Attorney General
Office: 828-359-7434

Law Enforcement Division

Carla Neadeau
Interim Chief of Police
Office: 828-359-6605

Information Technology

Kevin Jackson
Director of Information Technology
Office: 828-359-6805