KPEP and Kituwah

New Kituwah Academy

The Kituwah Academy provides a nurturing learning environment in a language immersion setting where students, staff, families, and the community work in partnership to rekindle our language and to instill pride in being “Kituwah First.”

As the cultural and Cherokee language campus for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, New Kituwah Academy Immersion Program will teach and guide our youth to completely embrace our near extinct Cherokee language and the traditional ways of our ancestors, which will instill a deeper sense of pride and renewed sense of determination to be successful. Our students will have the knowledge to translate the traditional skills and Cherokee lifeways that have helped the Tribe persevere through many periods of hardship over the centuries. These skills will foster stronger individuals, a stronger sense of community, and an embracement of modern ways, without giving up Tribal sovereignty or tradition.

The preservation of our heritage language and traditions strengthens the seven distinct Cherokee communities. Through the relationships, education, and mentoring between our elders and teachers, our students will exemplify the purest form of leadership. They will be “Kituwah First” leaders who are invested in the community and model enrolled members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, guiding the Tribe into the future.

We Believe

  • “Kituwah First” is the primary focus of the Kituwah Academy. Cherokee language, culture, traditions, and history are the foundations of the school and its instructional programs.
  • The development of a second language enhances all areas of our students’ academic development. Challenging educational experiences are provided in order to maximize brain development.
  • Instruction is student-centered, provided in a loving, nurturing environment. Learning occurs best when it is hands-on, experiential, and richly contextual.
  • The tradition of helping those who need help, Gadugi, will inspire a sense of community and instill cultural pride in our students.
  • Parents and families have the first responsibility in education. Strong parental commitment is essential in reaching our vision of producing fluent speakers.
  • The fluent speaking community is the heart and soul of AniKituwagi. Without the language, we cease to exist at Kituwah.

Program Area of Responsibility

  • Early Childhood Immersion (one year old through Pre-Kindergarten)
  • Elementary Immersion (Kituwah Academy, Kindergarten to Sixth Grade)
  • Adult Immersion (Adult language learners, teacher feeder program)
  • Immersion education serves: students from one year old through sixth grade, parents, teachers, staff, and interns.

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