Cherokee Indian Housing Division

Cherokee Indian Housing Division

Our mission
To create a centralized and productive housing delivery system to address the diverse housing needs of enrolled members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians––including but not limited to homeownership opportunities; homebuyer counseling and education; rehab and preservation programs; and housing services, including transitional housing assistance––and through these efforts enhance the economic development and quality of the Tribe.

This division shall serve as the Tribe’s mechanism for housing production, and as the Official Housing Information Clearinghouse, point of coordination and contact for all housing-related issues, information, services, and resources benefiting and/or affecting the Tribe.

This division also serves our elderly and disabled Tribal members through services provided by the HELP and HIP programs.


Divisional Goals & Objectives:

  • Promote education and training that support and encourage appropriate rental and homeownership oversight.
    • Provide classes/sessions that provide information about housing issues and awareness of tenant accountability.
    • Provide classes/sessions that provide information about housing issues and awareness of homeownership responsibility.
    • Provide post-purchase counseling to homeowners who have issues with mortgage or construction processes.
    • Provide assistance and counseling to clients who have become delinquent with their mortgage and execute forbearance agreements and loan modifications as needed.
  • Provide homeownership opportunities.
    • Facilitate homeownership by exploring loan programs to accommodate the various needs of our enrolled members so that they may attain homeownership off and on the Boundary.
    • Facilitate homeownership by leveraging outside financing by offering down payment assistance.
    • Offer rate buy-down on external loans to give enrolled members incentive to have good credit so that they may receive a lower interest rate on their mortgage.
    • Continue to work with CBC to provide housing for the elderly and disabled.
    • Continue to assist BIA with TSR, Lease and Assignments, and land transfers on HCD and QHA new housing.
  • Provide housing opportunities to enrolled members and the community at large.
    • Prepare sites and/or homes in new developments for enrolled members who do not own land or buildable land. All infrastructure is completed, including utilities, prior to the purchase of lots and/or homes.
    • Increase the construction and production of homes for families financing their own house.
  • Promote the preservation and rehabilitation of housing stock.
    • Provide financial aid in the form of grants to homeowners for home repairs and improvements.
    • Encourage participation in and use of low-interest rehabilitation loan funds up to $30,000.
    • Continue efforts to reduce substandard housing conditions and improve conditions of existing housing.