Tribal Construction & Road Maintenance

Tribal Construction

The Tribal Construction Program is made up of Outside Contracts, Inventory, Tree Removal, and Special Projects. Outside contracts, Special Projects, and Inventory operate at an actual, negotiated cost prepay system to all Tribal programs, individuals, and private vendors at a reduced rate. Special Projects produces, stockpiles, and hauls stone, and recycles dirt for resale. Tree Removal cuts and removes hazardous trees from homeowners’ properties and Tribal programs. Tribal Construction provides safe domestic water and waste disposal facilities, including installation of wells, well maintenance, septic tanks, drain fields, and water and sewer main lines for enrolled members within the five-county service area: Jackson, Swain, Cherokee, Graham, and Haywood Counties. Tribal Construction has a total of 69 employees: 1 manager, 2 supervisors, 11 crew leaders, 1 well technician, 1 inventory controller, 1 inventory specialist, 1 inventory assistant, 8 truck drivers, 8 heavy equipment operators, 8 pipe layers, 15 permanent utility workers, 2 temporary utility workers, 3 administrative assistants, 1 office assistant, 3 project coordinators, and 3 graphic operators.

Cherokee Department of Transportation (CDOT)

Cherokee Department of Transportation (CDOT) is responsible for constructing and maintaining safe roadways upon the Qualla Boundary. The sustainability of our Tribal transportation program requires stewardship of 300+ road miles and 80+ bridges. CDOT is made up of 22 employees. Those employees oversee roadway maintenance such as grading, snow removal, ditching, culverts, asphalt repair, roadway reconstruction, and other multidepartmental support objectives.

Mission Statement
Building and maintaining roadways to ensure safe and efficient travel throughout the lands of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.

Provide safe and accessible roadways utilizing internal knowledge continuously redefined by experience and education.

For assistance with roadway issues, please contact CDOT at 828-359-6530/ 828-359-6532.
For assistance with home driveway issues, please contact Infrastructure at 828-359-6841.

Motor Pool

EBCI Motor Pool provides internal support to all Tribal programs by maintaining and repairing all Tribal vehicles and equipment. This assures that all programs can provide support services to all Tribal members within our community. In addition, Motor Pool provides annual state and federal safety inspections. Motor Pool also tracks vehicle mileage and hours for each program to ensure vehicles and equipment receive routine preventative maintenance. This service is provided by the Fleet Coordinator.

To provide safe and efficient vehicles to all Tribal programs.

Quick turnaround; A+ service.

For vehicle and heavy equipment maintenance, contact Calloway Ledford Jr. at 828-359-6172.
For Fleet, contact Shane Owle at 828-359-6170.