Cherokee Broadband

Projects and accomplishments:

  • Three out of six new tower sites were built that have allowed for broader coverage of the communities served by these towers.
  • Moved broadband equipment to the new Long Branch Tower.
  • Connected Long Branch Tower to fiber, removing wireless backhaul dependency.
  • Hired an OSP plant installer for fiber buildout (need more staff — current average FTTH is taking around two weeks to complete one house due to lack of staff and proper equipment).
  • Began planning stages of downtown public Wi-Fi spanning from Saunooke Village to the Island Park and to the casino with seamless 0 handoff relay from AP to AP.
  • Began planning stages of FTTH in the Big Cove Loop area covering approximately three miles of new fiber buildout to allow for FTTH.
  • Connected Happy Holiday Campground to fiber and enhanced Wi-Fi coverage within the campground.
  • Upgraded Wi-Fi equipment in Fair Grounds to improve coverage area for client and vendor access along with the connectivity for allowing streaming events.
  • Installed Wi-Fi in the Casino Bowling Alley for public access.
  • Connected Mt. Noble Tower to fiber, removing wireless backhaul dependency.
  • Upgraded router equipment for CBE Office, Mt. Noble Tower, Fair Grounds, Long Branch Tower, and the casino to accommodate fiber connectivity.
  • Installed Wi-Fi in Birdtown community building and Rec Center and Big Y building.
  • Began process of bringing Birdtown Tower online for internet access.