Snowbird & Cherokee County Services

Snowbird Community Health

Our mission is to serve as a resource in coordinating health care, environmental, and social services by providing quality health care through various programs to the Cherokee communities in a way that is individual to their needs and consistent with their culture.

Snowbird/Cherokee County Facility Management

Our mission is to maintain the building and grounds of the SB/CC Services Division, creating the best possible environment for employees and visitors.

Snowbird/Cherokee County Help Program

Our mission is to help enrolled senior citizens and disabled members of the Snowbird and Cherokee County communities have a better quality of life through home repair and emergency assistance.

Snowbird/Cherokee County Housing Program

Our mission is to help enrolled members of the Snowbird and Cherokee County communities improve their quality of life by assisting in home repair and emergency assistance.

Snowbird Senior Citizens Center

The Snowbird Senior Citizens Center currently serves an average of 18 people per day plus an additional 5 homebound clients. We served 2,924 congregate meals and delivered 1,608 homebound meals over the past year. The seniors also took almost 20 day trips, and 2 overnight trips. The overnight trips consisted of 3 days in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and a week in Savannah, Georgia. We currently have over 50 seniors utilizing the fuel assistance program and during the past year, 11 seniors applied for and received emergency assistance through our program. The Snowbird Senior Citizens Center is steadily growing in daily attendance and is fully staffed.

Junaluska Museum

The mission of Junaluska Museum is to preserve Cherokee history and to protect and perpetuate Cherokee culture.

Snowbird Youth Center

The Snowbird Youth Center strives to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, reasonable citizens.

Staff will always provide a safe and nurturing environment for children ages 5 to 18. All staff will collectively help members reach their full potential through engaging activities, tutoring, and emotional support. The program, through communication and events, will increase awareness and appreciation of Youth Center Services as an educational facility.

Graham County Indian Education

The mission of the program is to provide an environment that offers educational experiences and cultural opportunities that promote high expectations and accountability for the academic achievement of American Indian students, thus preparing them for success in a globally competitive environment.

Snowbird & Cherokee County Housekeeping

Snowbird & Cherokee County Housekeeping maintains and establishes a safe and sanitary environment for all Tribal buildings. Our goal is to protect the environment by using biodegradable products, acquiring updated equipment that does not contain harsh chemicals for the safety of employees, and meeting all local, state, and federal regulations.

Snowbird/Cherokee County Family Support

Objectives of Snowbird/Cherokee County Family Support:

  • Provide services to all enrolled members of Snowbird and Cherokee County communities.
  • Provide reasonable dollar amounts on medical travel (gas) vouchers and overnight assistance.
  • Expand the medical travel list to cover the areas of Sylva, Murphy, and Franklin.
  • Eliminate the waiting list for the home repair assistance program.
  • Advocate and/or support enrolled members with other programs and agencies.
  • Assist and encourage enrolled members in seeking and sustaining employment.
  • Communicate with enrolled members and other programs to create positive effects and outcomes for all community members.
  • Facilitate resource networking (i.e., jobs, housing, child care, and transportation).
  • Contact other agencies to establish workshops/trainings for employees and enrolled members.
  • Create a questionnaire for enrolled members that addresses their needs and concerns.
  • Participate in local events to promote SB/CC Family Support Services using brochures, flyers, and promotional products.

Snowbird/Cherokee County Transitional Housing

Our goal is to provide transitional housing for enrolled members to assist them with the transition from homelessness to stable housing.

John Welch Senior Center

The John Welch Senior Center has purchased and received the Hot Box and thermal bags needed for homebound services. We have obtained and maintained two program vehicles for program services and transportation needs. Other division programs and the center collaborate on multiple services for not only senior citizen clients, but also other Cherokee County members in need of assistance from different programs. Cherokee County and Snowbird Senior Programs have events together and share in the responsibility of trips, luncheons, and social events. The center has continued to provide meals for an average of 20 clients a day, and the fuel program has successfully assisted an average of 80 homes with their winter heat.

Snowbird Recreation

Our goal is to continually improve the availability and effectiveness of recreational, athletic, and educational services that benefit the entire community. We generate an atmosphere of openness to promote dialogue and communication between the department and community we serve, and to develop a plan for future growth in programs, services, and a new facility. We strive to create a safe, productive, and rewarding workplace that emphasizes teamwork and communication and recognizes innovation and achievement.

Snowbird Community Library

Snowbird Community Library is dedicated to the purpose of enriching the lives of the residents of the Snowbird Community by connecting the people with information, ideas, and technology to promote lifelong learning, literacy development, cultural enrichment, and community involvement to promote personal growth and well-being.