Vice Chief

Vice Chief Alan B Ensley

Alan B Ensley was raised in the Big Y Community.

He and his wife, Libby, reside in the Snowbird Community. Together they have five children, Noon, Cody, Kirstie, Timiyah, and Kellen. They also have eight grandchildren. B is the son of the late Charlie and Edgarita Ensley.

Vice Chief Ensley is a proud alumni of Cherokee High School. After school he chose to work in the family logging business where he learned the value of hard work. Vice Chief has carried that work ethic with him through his service to the people of The Eastern Band of Cherokee.

Alan B Ensley has served The Eastern Band of Cherokee as Vice Chief since 2017.

Prior to becoming Vice Chief, he served as Tribal Council Representative for the Yellowhill Community from 1995-2017. He has served as Tribal Council Vice Chairman as well as chairman of various committees including the Enrollment Committee, Roads Commission, Timber Committee, Qualla Housing Board, and Planning Board. He currently serves on the Executive, Education, and Community Services Committees.

Vice Chief takes great pride in staying active in each community, and being in touch with the people through community involvement.