Housing and Community Development

Housing Services

Housing Services assists enrolled members in obtaining mortgage loans, both on- and off-Boundary, to purchase or construct a home; down payment assistance; and rate buy-down funds. Additionally, we offer renovation loans for eligible homeowners.

Rentals – Provides rental housing for enrolled members and non-enrolled members based on a priority system. Over 100 rentals exist throughout the Boundary in Jackson, Swain, Graham, and Cherokee Counties.

Vision and Mission
To provide housing opportunities to eligible enrolled members, and to educate the general public about the importance of credit, introduce processes for becoming a homeowner, and deliver exemplary customer service to clientele.

Michelle Stamper, Housing Services Manager: 359-6904
Tina Larch: 359-6912
Misty Millsaps: 359-6919

Housing Production

The purpose of the Housing Production Office is to facilitate the construction and design of multifamily housing developments. The various services range from duplex units to apartment complexes; the office also provides layouts for developments on Tribally owned property for sale to individual Tribal members.

Jacob George, Project Monitor
Office: 828-359-6931
Cell: 828-788-0055
Email: jacogeor@ebci-nsn.gov


Our mission is to provide housing infrastructure to our people.
Our vision is for high-quality site work.

Infrastructure services are provided to approved EBCI-enrolled members living on trust land.

  • Road and home site excavation – Tribal Construction or other Tribal program
  • Erosion and drainage control – Tribal Construction or other Tribal program
  • Masonry foundations or block underpinning – Cherokee Boys Club or TERO-certified contractor
  • Gutters and gutter drains – Cherokee Boys Club or other Tribal program
  • Final grading & seeding – Tribal Construction or other Tribal program

For site inspection and Infrastructure applications, please contact Sarah Crowe at 359-6121.
For site prep scheduling, please contact our coordinator: Joel Queen at 359-6844. For general information, contact program manager Denny Ensley at 359-6841.