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Solid Waste Management

The Solid Waste Department is responsible for providing collection, handling, processing, and disposal of all solid waste generated on the Qualla Boundary. This includes household garbage, recycling, commercial waste, food waste, and bio solids from the Tribal Waste Water Plant. Residential waste collection includes roll cart and dumpster collections on weekly routes, bulk item collection on a request basis, and recycling trailer drop-off locations throughout the Boundary. We provide waste collection services to all Tribal facilities and all businesses located on the Boundary. We are responsible for processing all wood debris from other Tribal departments, vendors, and residents. The EBCI Solid Waste Department operates a transfer station, where all municipal solid waste that is not recycled is collected and transferred to a landfill in Georgia. We provide compost sales, both bio solid compost and food waste compost, to local residents for gardening, as well as to landscaping companies and farmers. We also provide a roll-off container service to local businesses and residents for large-scale waste removal – click below for Residential and Commercial applications.

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Mission Statement
Provide an integrated solid waste management program with a priority on protecting and preserving the natural resources of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians through the promotion of wise management of solid waste by emphasizing the importance of “Reduction, Reuse, and Recycling” to all residents, businesses, and visitors on the Qualla Boundary. Divert as much solid waste as possible from the landfill.

Vision Statement
Establish and maintain infrastructure to provide convenient and reliable integrated solid waste management services for all residents, businesses, and visitors of the Qualla Boundary, while continuing to educate the general public on the importance of waste reduction.

For assistance with the following programs please contact:
Sanitation Department: Bulk item pick up requests and Solid Waste inquiries.
Dusty Cooper – Administrative (828) 359-6140
T. Trejo – Manager (828) 359-6143 / (828) 736-5654
Kevin Owle – Roll Off Container requests/inquiries (828) 359-6142 / (828) 736-0827
Flint Griffin – Recycling and Solid Waste Operations (828) 359-6161 / (828) 788-6324
Fax Number: (828) 359-0250

Composting Department: Food Waste and Bio Solid Compost.
John Jackson – Supervisor (828) 359-6735

Transfer Station: Disposal site for self-hauling materials.
Leonard Long – Supervisor (828) 497-4519
Rose Maney – Administrative (828) 359-6735